Adventures in Drinking With Teachers

Among the teachers at my schools, I had a bit of a ‘reputation’ for being some kind of professional drinker. And, to be honest, if that was a real job and my body suffered no ill effects from it, I would be the CEO of Alcohol. So I’m not saying that my reputation wasn’t deserved, just that I was not nearly as bad as my co-workers seemed to think.

I guess I should start by explaining that Japan is very much a drinking culture. So many things center around or exist because of alcohol there. I can safely say I drank more in my first year in Japan than I ever did in my entire life in America. Which isn’t saying a lot, to be fair. I didn’t touch alcohol until I went to college, and not until sophomore year. Junior year I moved off campus with some friends, and learned that being an “adult” meant I should probably pay those pesky bills, rent and possibly even buy food. If we had leftover money for alcohol, we would certainly buy it, but only the cheap stuff, and a lot of it(I didn’t learn that alcohol could actually taste GOOD until much later).

I also really wasn’t much of a partier back then. However, looking back at all the parties I was dragged to, I really don’t blame myself. The fact that parties don’t always have to involve stoned hippies, drugs, someone being taken to the hospital or the police showing up was also something I didn’t learn until much later. Continue reading


Adventures in Dating in Japan

(Note: Most of my dating stories take place a few years ago, when I was new and confused by everything. As opposed to now, where I’m old and confused by everything.)
(Note part 2: Upon rereading the original post, I realize it might come across like I’m bashing one type of guy, or saying that it’s only OK for men to look or behave in a certain way. I promise that’s not my intention, I’m just talking about what I personally find attractive. I’m sure there’s lots of people that disagree with me about that, and that’s perfectly fine. Be who you are and like what you like. Even if it’s Twilight.)

Despite what you might think (because, let’s face it, I’m a sexy lady), I haven’t had a lot of success with men in the past. I didn’t date a whole lot in college, and I considered any interaction with guys that didn’t end with them spitting in my eye to be a good one.

For the record, no one has ever spit in my eye and therefore all my interactions with men have been pleasant. It’s this kind of positive thinking that has gotten me so far in life.

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Moving Out

My last few months in Japan were pretty stressful, most of the stress coming from packing up my life. Somehow, despite having a tiny Japanese apartment, I had accumulated a lot of stuff. The process was so daunting in the beginning, when my coworkers asked me how I planned to go about it, I answered by saying I was going to just put all my things outside behind a bush somewhere, throw a blanket over it and run. They laughed, I laughed, and I internally promised myself I wouldn’t do that unless I got, like, super desperate.
I also joked that I would just set everything on fire, but I wouldn’t do that unless I got really, really desperate.
With a whole two weeks left before I moved out, I decided now was a pretty good time to start packing. In hindsight, I probably should have started sooner, but how was I supposed to know that at the time? Continue reading

Adventures in Japan: My Welcome Party

I’m really terrible at making first impressions.

Maybe it’s due to my general awkwardness, maybe it’s just dumb luck, but whenever I find myself meeting someone of a certain amount of importance for the first time(an employer, supervisor, politician, celebrity, the Emperor, etc.) I always end up making an ass of myself. Usually within the first two seconds.

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