Adventures in Japan: My Welcome Party

I’m really terrible at making first impressions.

Maybe it’s due to my general awkwardness, maybe it’s just dumb luck, but whenever I find myself meeting someone of a certain amount of importance for the first time(an employer, supervisor, politician, celebrity, the Emperor, etc.) I always end up making an ass of myself. Usually within the first two seconds.

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Life Choices

A few months ago I made the decision to move back to America after living seven years abroad in Japan. I never planned on living in Japan forever, and with each year it became more and more difficult to move back. I know it sounds strange, but the longer I spent away from America, the more I felt like I didn’t belong there. Like I was changing into some weird, non-American shape, and by the time I tried to go back, it would be too late and I would no longer fit in.
What made it more frustrating was that no matter how I reshaped, I knew I would never fit into Japan, either. And I couldn’t see myself as an assistant language teacher forever. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of jobs for foreigners in Japan besides teaching, unless I moved to Tokyo, and as much as I enjoy visiting Tokyo, I would never want to live there. Thus, it was time to move on and away.
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Let’s Blog!

Hi, my name is Allie. Nice to meet you.

I like to draw.

And I lived in Hokkaido for seven years. Hokkaido is the northern most island of Japan. I taught English there, and I had a great time.
In 2015, I decided it was time to come home. It was a difficult decision, and lately I find myself wondering if it was the right one. I miss my friends and life there terribly.
I used to keep a blog about my life there, and I recently found it again. I thought it’d be good for me to start my blog up again, to reminisce of my time in Japan, as well as write about my efforts to adjust and fit back in in America.
Because I need a way to cope. At least, a more healthy one.
Let’s goooooo.