Adventures in Drinking With Teachers

Among the teachers at my schools, I had a bit of a ‘reputation’ for being some kind of professional drinker. And, to be honest, if that was a real job and my body suffered no ill effects from it, I would be the CEO of Alcohol. So I’m not saying that my reputation wasn’t deserved, just that I was not nearly as bad as my co-workers seemed to think.

I guess I should start by explaining that Japan is very much a drinking culture. So many things center around or exist because of alcohol there. I can safely say I drank more in my first year in Japan than I ever did in my entire life in America. Which isn’t saying a lot, to be fair. I didn’t touch alcohol until I went to college, and not until sophomore year. Junior year I moved off campus with some friends, and learned that being an “adult” meant I should probably pay those pesky bills, rent and possibly even buy food. If we had leftover money for alcohol, we would certainly buy it, but only the cheap stuff, and a lot of it(I didn’t learn that alcohol could actually taste GOOD until much later).

I also really wasn’t much of a partier back then. However, looking back at all the parties I was dragged to, I really don’t blame myself. The fact that parties don’t always have to involve stoned hippies, drugs, someone being taken to the hospital or the police showing up was also something I didn’t learn until much later. Continue reading


Adventures in Quick Updates

Hi, guys!

How are you?

Oh geez, you should probably get that looked at.

I’m doing pretty good, thanks for asking.
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I am Sedentary

Since coming back to America in August, I’ve gained 15 pounds.

And I am just not down with that.

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